Differences between Apartments and Condos


Are you looking for a Condo or an Apartment?


Luma condos in evening

Luma condos in the evening light

Everybody gets the apartment or condominium (condo) mixed up, maybe because every city/state/country has a different meaning of the word or maybe nobody even thinks about it. Today I want to clarify what it means here in Los Angeles and even more so specifically in Downtown La.  Continue Reading →

Dtla neighborhoods, where do you want to be?

Los Angeles can be overwhelming in size, but not Dtla!

Downtown La (Dtla) is much easier when it comes to navigation. Well at least I would like to think so. Once you get the one-way streets down…. the parking… the freeways… then you’re on your way!

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Do you know Downtown LA?


Hi my name is Jeremy and I love Downtown LA (DTLA.)


I am a local that has been living here for 3 years and going on year 4. My move down here wasn’t a shock but wasn’t stale either. I have lived in Santa Monica, West LA, Pomona, Corona, Diamond Bar, Duarte, Whittier, Chino Hills and none of them had me satisfied. All of them kept me in a kind of daze. I did spend sometime in Boston and that had me convinced that I needed to live in a major city on the West coast. Downtown La was it!
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